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Running Girl IX Download from AppStore

Running Girl IX version 9.0 is now released on the app store The new version, is still missing some functionality, but within the next cupple of month, the new version is on top of the old one, with functionality, and the quality will be as you would expec on you iPhone. You can find the app on the AppStore Thanks for visiting this site, you might be here because your using the Running Girl app, if not, please download it For technical reasons, we can't continue the current version on App Store, but a brand new version is in AppStore, ready for download, with improvements.

For all you, that have paid for extensions, the first year of using Running Girl will all the functions, will be free

Loupe Down on the AppStore

Keep you VIP's safe

This app tracks your VIP and the team assigned to your VIP.

You create your team on the provost app or on the provost web app.

You create your team on the provost app or on the provost web app. Then your can assign the iPhone apps to your team, using a QR code or app link, making the sign-on safe and easy

My Chord Book Download on the AppStore

My Chord book is an iPad app, it have been in the App store somce 2011, it have just been refactured and updated to match the real need of a experience mucican.

Now you can quickly put down, the chords to a song, see them directly, share with your band, friends. even if they don't have the app, you can print or share as PDF

This new and redesigned version will, if egough of you, download and upgrade to the pro version, maintained with new and cool feetures

BS Bingo Download on the AppStore

Not just for fun

BS Bingo is a fun little game, you can play when you'r at a meeting, that realy don't have any purpose, and there are a lot of large company meetings where the pupose of the meeting have been long forgtten, but every one attends the meeting anyeay.

The "Not just for fun" part of the app

The app is created using the architecture described on the frontpage on this sight.
Using a .Net Core backend, with credentials, and a small web-based admin interface. And an App to deliver the actual game. This is a simple app, that uses a REST API. With and architecture that can be ported to a wide range of app types

Apps in development

we do naturlly don't expose all our great idear's but here is some from the list


Your travelling companion! With Zafari app, you can plan your trip, share your sightings with other, so everyone can have the chance to see the Lion up close.

Why the name "Zafari" The short history of the name, is that we ware on Safari in Kruger National Park, and we would have love to have a interactive map of the sigthings around the park, givin us a better chance to see the animals an places that we liked to experience.
The name Safari was already branded on the internet, and international code for South Africa is ZA, so the name was born.
As the app have developed, it is not only target Safari trips, but all kind of trips, I remembered a trip to Boston, not knowing what was interesting in Boston at that time.
There it would have been great to have an app, helping us to experience the local market or other interesting things that other travelers was experiencing at that time.

Loupe update

synops comming soon


The app has been paused in the app store, we are upgrading the app and will be back in 2020 The feedback app enables you to create polls and get realtime feedback.

Understand your audience you. No matter whether you lectures, school lessons or organize workshop will Feedback Speak make sure you get instant knowledge weather your point is understood. Get knowledge about where in the process you penetrated and where you need to improve the process. Make Use of Feedback Speak amazing history overview so you can compare results and develop your communication skills

This is the presenter part of the feedback app suite!

use the Listen app for the attendee/student to vote on the event


NaviBlind is a start-up, that we are almost ready to launch

check out our site NaviBlind