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Here you can find articles and presentations about... well all that I like to talk and write about.

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let's combine (video presentation)

This is a talk that I'm currently working on. I expect it to be uploaded medio / late december 2019

At WWDC 2019, Apple presented SwiftUI, that took all by storm, Apple has also there own version of rxSwift, called Combine. 

I had the luck to be at wwdc that year, and "everybody was talking about it!" 'SwiftUI, but afterwards I found that the Combine framework is much more interesting...

SwiftUI (article)

My view on the new way of UI programming.

At wwdc 2019, we was all taken back by the new great way of UI programming. I have been a iOS developer in 10 years now, and have been there from the nib files over storyboard, with auto-layout and are now hit with SwiftUI

I think that i had the same first impresstion as the majority of the iOS community... Wow, that is great. 

And then I started using it

Space for inspiration

I don't have any architecle in the pibeline for this slot. 

The template is so nice so I didn't want to break it with only having two articles, therefor this small takl.

Shoul you have anything that you want to here or read more about, that you think I have the knowledge about, plese contact me with you idea.

Swift (OS programming) , UX design. Scrum, .Net core, REST api