Terms of use & Privacy Policy

The ultra short version

  • we don't save any data about you, if you are not registrered as a user
  • We do collect statistical data about our users behavour, but we have no way of connecting this data to any single person.
  • As a registrered user we do hold some information about you
    • we have your user credentials, please note that your password is encrypted and we have no way of decifiring that
    • We have information that you provide, like Name, maybe phone number and address, but only in the case that we need it, in order to provide service for you
    • If you want to be deleted, you can always unregistre or ask us to get deleted, and all data will be deleted according to GDPR rules
    • As long as your are an active customer, we will hold on to your data.
    • As it is for unregistrered users, the statistically data we collect, can't be connected to any single person
All in all, we do respect your privacy and your data, and we do not capitalize on your data, by share with any third party

Please enjoy all our services, free as paied, and please be nice, we try har to be!

The terms of use!

All material on this website, all data digital collected, even that it is collected manually via paper, are considered our data, and you cannot use it for other than personal usage.

You are welcome to use this site as a part of a presentation, as long as you are referring to the sight or to Friis Mobility ApS / Friis Consult ApS, and you are handling it with respect. You don’t have to agree, as long you are fair.

The services and apps we offer to you, don’t have any liability towards damages, injuries or other mishaps, happen using the app, anything related to information from the app, you have the responsible for your own life and actions.

We reserve the rights not to server individuals, if you for some reason are violating normal ethics, or display criminal behavior, regardless if it has anything to do with our services or not.


we do give you some support, but for free services, we are not obligated to give any support, this might result in some or none response upon support requests. If you want to ensure that you get support, you need to make an agreement in advanced. This agreement will have a cost and some obligations from our point, towards servicing you, this agreement will naturally have some cost.

For payed services, there is a description of the support level you can expect.

Privacy Politics

In general, this is really simple, we are following the GDPR from EU, Only requiring information that are necessary for the service you sigh up to.

All data are stores at Microsoft, for the backend on Azure platform and for analytics, the current provider is Microsoft analytics. All data on backend and analytics is on our control. The analytics data have been anonymized and are there for no longer regulated by the GDPR.

Non anonymized data are only hold on the backend for the services, or on your own device.

Data on your device are you responsible for, and we do not have any authority nor any technical means to control your local data. Data on the backend is guarded by defector security standards, these implementations are updated continuously as the services are updated.

You can at any time request a download of the data we have stored, and you can also request a deletion of those data.
The data will be deleted without any further actions and cannot be reproduces afterwards.

Third party

We do not give your data to any third party for any reason, we are not selling data about you. We only use data for internal purposes. If this should change, we will send you an email, informing you about the changes in a short and clear way, enabling you to decide if you want to continue using our services.