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We care about your and our own privacy, meaing that we do what we can not to invade any privacy.

Apps with registration

For app where you can registrate, there will be a list of all the data we are holding, and why we are holding. we don't store data not needed when providing services for you.


We comply with GDPR in all our product, so you can always request a report of the information we hold on you, and you can always request to be deleted

Request information will be answered within 30 days, if you for some reason, never has been registrered or already have been deletede and there looks like you never have been registrered. you might not receive any answer at all

Deletion will be effected as soon as posible within GDPR rules, if there is a economic unsetteled issue. will this issue have to be resolved before any deletion can be effected

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